Santiago -'Santi'- Castano is een 32-jarige Argentijn met een diploma lichamelijke opvoeding, momenteel ook werkend aan een bachelor degree in Psychology aan de Universiteit van Buenos Aires.

Hij speelde hockey in Buenos Aires, en is als coach door de wol geverfd zowel in Spanje, italie, de UK, als in Argentina: Hij trainde en coachte zowel jongerenteams als bovenbouw.

Ook hij wordt een betekenisvolle aanwinst voor onze club!

Wat zegt hij hierover zelf:

" What attracted me to come to Belgium is the commitment to the development of hockey in Belgium and its exponential growth, which is evident from the impressive results being achieved. I see working in Belgian hockey as an excellent opportunity for both professional and personal development. I am genuinely excited to be a part of HC Keerbergen Tigers, as I witness your dedication to nurture the sport and your successful efforts in that regard. The warmth, respect, and desire to make me feel like a valued member of the institution that I have experienced in my initial interactions with HC Keerbergen further motivate me to embark on this exciting project we have ahead of us.

My goal at HC Keerbergen Tigers is to contribute to the personal and athletic growth of every player within the organization. I also aim to collaborate in expanding the participation of individuals in the sport at our club, creating an environment where they feel a sense of belonging. Additionally, I am committed to learning the language as quickly as possible. I am confident that by working closely with the staff members and taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the Belgian hockey federation, I will continue to grow both personally and professionally."