Lucretia "Lula" Guerra wordt de nieuwe trainer/coach voor Heren 2 en zal ook meespelen in onze Dames 1 team.

Ze is bezeten van Hockey en heeft een uitgebreide Zuid Amerikaanse ervaring opgebouwd als speelster en trainer.

Bovendien is ze een gediplomeerde fysiotherapeut met bijzonder bekwaming in sportletsels.

Ze stelt zichzelf even voor;


Hello everyone! 

I’m Lula Guerra, from Rosario, Argentina. I’m a Hockey coach, a hockey player and a physiotherapist specialized in sports. I’ve chosen this career to be always near the pitch.

I play hockey since I was six years old in the Club Universitario de Rosario. After playing there,  I moved to Buenos Aires looking for new challenges, where I played for three years. After that- I moved again to work and play hockey in Chile, in Concepcion. 

My dream always was to come to play in Europe, and finally, that dream came true. I’m very enthusiastic about starting the season and the team's training, and my work as a coach for Herren 2. 

I hope I can help the club to accomplish all the goals ahead. 

I am Looking forward to coming to Belgium and get to know the players And my partners.

I am confident that this will be a great season! 

See you soon! 



Bienvenida  Lula, veel succes bij de Tigers en dat het zal knetteren staat nu al vast! (nomen est omen...)